Tuesday, October 18, 2011

White Belt

When Dalton started Tae Kwon Do, he was told he would get his first belt when HE earned it. He had to show improvement on his attitude and his focus during classes. The instructor (who totally rocks, by the way) said most kids get their belt after 2 weeks of classes.

We have been rewriting the story of our days lately because it's not a "normal" routine for us to have Dalton involved in something after school. Normally I go get the boys M-Thursday unless my mom and dad bring them home for us (Fridays are always someone else's job because I work late).  The boys and I get home somewhere around 6:15 most nights and then I make dinner.

Now that D needs to be at the TKD academy by 6, things have had to change. If Larry is in town, he goes to get the boys and we either meet at home or at the school. If Larry isn't in town, I try to leave work 15 minutes early,  and my parents feed the boys so D isn't hungry at his class. Typically 1 parent takes D to class and the other stays with Cole (unless Larry is out of town, then I take D and keep Cole with me).

It's been an adjustment for me because I like routine. I like knowing what's coming up in the evenings. But it has been SO worth it for Dalton. He's started listening when we ask him to do something. He's polite, well, he's always been polite, but now it's even more so. And he's behaving on the bus. We still haven't been able to convince him to stop trying to control his brother -- but it'll come.

Friday night we went out to eat for the first time since we started D at Star. Normally we feel like we are trying to organize the circus at our table when we're out to eat. Dalton is flinging cars around and Cole is all over the place too. It's almost like these two don't know how to eat at a table. Friday night, Dalton sat very calmly at the table and ate his food and didn't fling cars around. It was glorious.

So anyways, back to the point of this post. Last night Larry took D to class, and Cole and I went shopping.  Right before they came home, I got a text from Larry saying that D had gotten his white belt 2 classes early.

We are all VERY proud of the kid and the strides he's making towards becoming a better student, friend, and son.

Good Job Dalton!

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