Sunday, December 19, 2010

Worth It (july 2010)

Last night, as promised yesterday, we had smoke sausage kabobs. Our veggie choices were cherry tomatoes, onions, green bell peppers, and mushrooms. This was all served with rice (which I am the only one to eat last night).

Dalton was told he needed to pick 5 chunks of veggies. He chose 3 cherry tomatoes, a piece of onion, and a chunk of mushroom.

After eating 1 tomato, his brother promptly dumped Dalton's plate on the floor. Ahem, thanks Cole.

Since he still hadn't eaten all his vegetables, he was told he needed to help Daddy eat his. [He did NOT want to start over on vegetables with a fresh plate] Apparently, he ate more than 5 pieces. He told Larry he didn't like any of them, but he tried them.

And that's where we are right now. He doesn't have to like it, but he has to try them.

He also had a bite of my rice because he always insists he doesn't like that either. (or mashed potatoes for that matter)

We finished off the evening with a trip to Dairy Queen because Dalton had a coupon for Summer Reading.

He told me it was worth eating his veggies because we let him eat his entire cone. That kid cracks me up.

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