Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dalton's Birthday (July 2010)

Oh we had the best day. I am so glad that I've made the choice to take the kids' birthdays off. Each year I know that 2 of my vacation days are spent on them (unless their birthdays fall on the weekend, of course).

Dalton chose Chuck E. Cheese for his birthday. When we walked in, he told the man at the door that it was his birthday so he got a sticker. We played at Chuck E. Cheese for a couple hours, and Dalton won some pretty cool prizes. Cole even played some of the games and discovered that Daddy knew how to go down a slide -- and Daddy even taught him how!

Please enjoy this pictures from our time at Chuck E. Cheese...because I enjoyed taking them!

Riding a ride --which I'm sure Dalton could tell you the name of...but I have no clue! He spent a lot of time riding stuff, then coming and telling me "HEY MOM! I just rode the *blah-blah-blah*". [He didn't actually say BLAH BLAH BLAH, but that's how I heard it...sort of like Charlie Brown's teacher.]

I don't know why, but Cole loved this particular game.

Riding the monster truck on Cole's token...Cole decided he did NOT like it.

Two of my handsome HANDSOME men. :)

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