Sunday, December 19, 2010

Silver Beach (parts 1 & 2) [August 2010]

Part 1:

Yesterday Larry had the day off. I love when he has Sundays off because we actually get to do Family Stuff. After Dalton told us that he had never been to the beach, we decided that Sunday we'd go to the beach. We didn't figure you could start Kindergarten (GAH! *SOB*) without having played on the beach.

For those of you who are stinky at geography, Indiana is smack in the middle of a bunch of other states. No oceans ANYWHERE CLOSE for us. Instead we went to our "local greatlake" and played on the beach there.

Sunday morning when I told Dalton that we needed to get a move on, he asked "Why?" I replied with, "Um, because we're going to the beach. We have to get going."

I love how his mind works because his response was, "We need to take sunscreen. I hear the beach is pretty sunny." Yeah, we're kind of hoping it's sunny...'tis the entire point of the beach.

After stopping at Meijer for water and gasoline, we were on our way. We were lucky to get a great spot on the beach and it wasn't even that crowded!

I'll write more tonight, because my camera cord is at home. I will leave you with this comment of Larry's as we were cleaning up to have lunch...

"I was having fun until now. Now, I AM DONE WITH THE SAND."

Part 2:
Ok, so Dalton was immediately IN THE WATER. He ran straight in and was thrilled. The water was 80 degrees and just choppy enough to make it fun. There were small waves that Larry and Dalton played in for about 2 hours.

Dalton was thrilled to spend his entire day in the water. He came out for a few minutes to play in the sand with Cole and I, but for the most part he was in the water.

Colton was ok with the water to start with. He was smiley and happy, but was more interested in the sand toys.

By the end of the day, Cole was having a blast in the water too. He never did like going out very far into the water, but he loved being up where the tide was coming in and out. He stomped on the waves and splashed about. He loved splashing, then listening to me shout at him for "getting Mommy wet".

We finished out the day with a late lunch at Silver Beach Pizza. Within 10 minutes of being in the van on the way home, Cole was asleep...within 15 more minutes, Dalton joined him.

Overall, it was a great "First Beach Trip" for both boys.

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