Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dalton's First Day (August 2010)

Please ignore the woman sitting in the corner of the room (see, right over there...yep, in that corner). Yes, ignore the woman sobbing.

Trust me. She's an emotional wreck.

If you are nice to her, it'll just make her cry more.

Trust me. I'm a moron like that...oops, I guess I just admitted it was me, huh?

Yes, my baby started Kindergarten and yes, I was a wreck that day. Literally. Sick to my stomach, cried 2 or 3 times. Bawled like a newborn the night before.

Larry found it all humorous. He gets a kick out of my "runaway emotions" over stuff about the boys growing up.
*waiting on the bus...reading a quick book with Dad and Pappy*

Why am I telling you all this instead of talking about the boy starting school? Because he's a boy. So when he got home, here's what I got..."School was great. I can't wait to go back. I stayed on green. Can I have some milk?"

*I promise, he didn't get on the bus while it was was just cloudy that morning.*

I guess maybe I did want to have a girl. I want to know what he did at school and he can barely remember the bus ride home.

*they write each child's bus number on their hands in the morning...helps with getting them back on the same bus in the afternoon*

He was very kind to one of his pre-school friends. His friend was VERY sad about starting school and Dalton sat with him and rubbed his back. It was so sweet. (Yep, that made me cry too)

He was soaked when he got off the bus...between sweating while playing all day (2 RECESSES MOM! 2!) and getting to drink from the water fountain (always a joy for him)...he was soaked. He woke up very easily this morning though and was so happy to get on the bus. And his friend was sitting in the front seat too!

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  • Lisa Troyer @ 08/20/2010 ( 6:47:46 AM )
    I am with you on the emotional stuff Beth! I felt so sick that whole first day Mason was in Preschool. The only reason I was able to keep from crying was because I didn't want Mason to get nervous. I barely held it in! And yeah with boys...sigh. How was school? Did you have fun? Yes. Sigh.
  • Billie Fultz @ 08/20/2010 ( 8:20:05 AM )
    EXCELLENT post Beth!!! I smiled and cried when I read it. Brought it all back in a flash! Although I will say you were a bit more reluctant to let go of my hand. Love you Baby!!

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