Sunday, December 19, 2010

Good Thing Salsa isn't a Vegetable (September 2010)

So one of my friends needed a smile today...too much negativity in her life and all. So I wrote her a little message about Dalton (who is very much like her son)...I hope you enjoy our dinner adventure from last night!

Dalton does not like any of his foods to touch. The only exceptions are obvious ones like sandwiches and pizza. Oh, and anything that has cheese touching it...because, hello, who doesn't like cheese?

So I made nachos last night. I didn't have enough hamburger for our entire pan of nachos so I added black beans to it. For Dalton's, I only added a bit of the meat/bean mixture...cheese, chips, ranch. Done. I handed him his plate and he said, "Oh vegetables for me."

Larry and I ate our nachos straight off the cookie sheet because I had a helluva time getting them off the sheet onto a I gave up. I put sour cream, salsa, and taco sauce (the smooth stuff) on ours.

I sat near Larry on the couch and we chowed down. Dalton looks over and says, "I need a plain chip please." So we find him one and he proceeds to pick up a chunk of salsa and eat it. Then he asks for another plain chip and finds another chunk. Lather, rinse, repeat for the entire tray of nachos. I ended up having to get the jar of salsa to add more to our nachos because the brat ate all of our salsa.

Then he asked for a plate of chips and salsa. (He still hadn't eaten *his* food yet).

At the end he said, "Thanks for not making me eat any vegetables tonight Mom".

Did I mention that the salsa was corn and black bean salsa?

Yeah, good thing there wasn't a single vegetable in there.

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