Sunday, December 19, 2010

Time Line (October 2010)

5:15pm (only 15 minutes late)...FINALLY leave work.

5:45pm ... arrive to pick up the boys.
6ish pm...leave for home.
6:15pm...arrive home -- Dalton IMMEDIATELY heads for the computer to play Cat in the Hat or something -- Cole follows me into the kitchen after he throws a fit (he wanted to go outside)
We were eating by 6:30pm...leftover spaghetti -- YUMMY.

Sidenote: Cole has taken to coming to the kitchen to "steal" bites of dinner while I cook. He's really cute because he acts like he is being sneaky. I'm thinking that this "cute" behavior might bite me in the butt when he's a teenager.

6:50 p.m. ...I take a bathroom which point Cole climbs into the tub fully clothed and tries to turn on the water. Therefore he gets stripped down to his birthday suit and gets to play in the tub (at this point Dalton is still on the computer -- by now playing

7pm...switch boys for tub vs. computer. Cole gets to watch those danged DUCKS while Dalton plays in the tub.

7:10pm ... Dalton is still in the tub -- Cole goes down for the night (for the first time).

7:30pm... after Dalton got out of the tub we played on the computer for a few minutes alone and talked about his day. He was asleep by which point, Cole got back up.

Cole was wound for sound...he played with me, screamed he wanted the DUCKS, finally realized Mommy meant no, and played with me some more. We looked at a coloring book. I found out that Colton can match pictures up (WOOHOO!).

About 8pm, I put Cole back to bed and I haven't heard a peep since then.

We had a great night where I got to spend lots of alone time with each boy. I hope it's nights like this that the boys remember when they are grown-ups.

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