Sunday, December 19, 2010

Learning is Fantastic (October 2010)

I have always been fond of learning new things. I like to learn about different things. But I've discovered that, lately, I like to watch others learn things more.

Maybe it's the teacher in me. Because, trust me, once you're a always look at things like a teacher. And Librarians are very similar to teachers in their thought process.

Maybe it's the Mommy in me...but I am LOVING watching my children learn new things.

Dalton is learning to read. Did you hear me? My baby is learning to sound words out and figure out what different combinations of letters mean. Today I turned around to look at him in the van and realized that he was READING the back of his video case all on his own. He was sounding out words and seeing how many of them he could read. There were some HUGE words on that case, so he didn't read much of it. BUT HE WAS TRYING. He was working at it. He was SOUNDING THINGS OUT. Everytime I see him trying to learn this new thing...this huge thing...this wonderous thing...I get all teary eyed.

I love to read and I know he will love to read too. And I get teary eyed because I know it's so important to HIM that he learns to read.

This kid is going to knock the world's socks off once he's reading everything around.

Now then...Dalton isn't the only one who is learning new awesome things. Colton is mastering some pretty huge language skills too. He's starting to learn to talk. I've been noticing (a lot) lately that he babbles in sentences. He's got fluctuation in his tones and has meaning behind his garbles. But now his babbles are starting to be seasoned with REAL WORDS.

We drive past a landfill each morning. Garbage trucks are always at the landfill dropping off their loads. He loves to see garbage trucks. And he can say garbage truck.

He also loves to say DUCK (actually, he always yells that word). He says truck and points out any truck he sees. He will tell you, "Dadddd truck" when he sees Larry coming down the road. He knows names for lots of people, our dog, Mom and Dad's dog, and more.

It seems like every day he is learning new words or signs. He doesn't use nearly as many signs as Dalton did, but he has a lot more verbal words than Dalton did at this point.

oh, and Colton's favorite word right now is HAAAAAAAS (horse). Let me tell you, I never knew how many horses I drove past daily until he rode with me to work yesterday...cause he pointed out every single last one of them.

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