Sunday, December 19, 2010

Thankful (from November 2010)

Yes, I know. Thanksgiving was 4 days ago. I'm a little late in this post. I prefer to look at it as being 361 days early for next year. Ha! Truly, I didn't take much time online for things other than the necessities this weekend. So now I'm taking some time to write things I'm thankful for.

Friends...always the first thing on my Thankful list. Possibly not the most "essential" thing (things such as housing, security, love come to mind for that...), but definitely one of the most needed. My friends keep me sane. Scott dropped by Saturday for like 15 minutes. That's all. When he left, I felt happier. And no, I wasn't happier because he left. I was happier because I had seen him. I love spending time with my friends. When Lisa visits, I know I will see her for about an hour or two. And that will last us until Spring when we venture down to her neck of the woods for a weekend (I swear, I'm trying Lisa!). I think it speaks of a true friend when you can spend a total of 8 hours a YEAR with someone and it's, somehow, enough. We could EASILY spend 40 hours a week together -- trust me, because we used to when we worked together -- somehow, though, those 8 hours a year become just enough. We send each other funny cards and cute texts and we harass each other on Facebook. We know what's going on with the other one's kids because we take that 30 seconds a day to THINK about the other one and pay attention. I have many more friends than these two, but these two are the ones I know I can lean on when I need to.

Family -- oh boy do I have a fantastic family. My sons drive me absolutely bananas. They are such monsters sometimes, but I can't imagine my life without either one of them. They are such a part of my life and world, sewn into the very essence of who I am. Dalton read his first complete book this weekend (I've only told approximately 90 people so far, I'm not proud or anything!) and Colton has learned a few more words to say. Their accomplishments are such a part of my world, I'm thrilled to get to have THEM call ME "Mommy." And on those rough days, I try to remember why I'm so thankful for both of thesekids.

Larry and I are also SO lucky to have such wonderful support from some of our other family. Our parents, aunts, uncles, favorite I said...we're thankful and blessed.

That brings me to one of the people in my life I'm the most Thankful for. Larry. We drive each other mad sometimes. But the thing is...I know I can drive him crazy for a week straight with hormones and stress and just being me. And on that 8th day, he still smiles when I walk in the door and says, "Hi honey. I'm glad you are home."

I'm a very lucky woman!

What are you thankful for?

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  • Lisa @ 11/30/2010 ( 9:34:59 AM )
    Oh so true! I am honored to be your friend, truely!

    I am thankful for much of the same with just some name substitutions. :) You of course,one of my bestest friends, my dear friend in Nebraska and Minnesota, my sweet monster kiddos, a great hubby and also, I must give a shout out to God. Who has taken care of us always.

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