Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dalton Read His First Book

My 5 year old sat down and read his first book this weekend.

You might be wondering what the big deal is about this. I am a librarian and an avid book lover. AVID. My husband likes books too. My Mom reads like crazy (gee, wonder where I learned it). My Mother-in-law reads all the time.

In our family...reading your first book is a BIG FRICKIN' DEAL!

He read "It's Not Easy Being Big". It is a Sesame Street book. He read through it once by himself...adding a few words here and there. Honestly, he was just following normal English sentence structure. Then Larry pointed out that the word "You" wasn't actually there. After that, he took off.

(Now, I went to school to be a teacher (early elementary to be exact). I see the different "mistakes" that could have been marked against him...but I'm ignoring that because I think this is definitely a milestone! So if you are reading this and thinking, "Oh, he's just reading a repetitive book..." or "But, the text in that is so easy..." or "ANYTHING ELSE"...please don't try to explain to me that he wasn't really reading the book. Because to you I say, "PESHAW" and also, I stick my tongue out at you.)

I'm very very very very proud of my boy! I know that this is just the first of MANY books that he will read this year.

Now I'm off to look up books that I can buy him for Christmas. We need more books. Shhh, don't tell Larry.

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