Sunday, December 19, 2010

3 Ring Circus

Yesterday we took Jamie to get 2 round bales for her horses. Larry and Jamie could have easily handled the job, but we all went because we try to spend as much time together as possible whenever Larry is off.

So off to Bristol we go. We stopped at Larry's favorite gas station to get fuel. Then we had to stop at a gas station in Bristol to get cough drops. We finally get to Jamie's about an hour later than planned.

In the backseat of the truck we had Colton (behind Larry), Jamie (in the middle) and Dalton (behind me). As we're driving Colton is announcing "Haaas" (horse) as we pass by farms. Now keep in mind, we were on a road driving into AMISH country. We passed by a lot of horses. And he announced EVERY SINGLE LAST ONE OF THEM.

Then he realized there were horses on the other side of the road too, so he started announcing THOSE. "Haaaas"....."Haaaas"..."Haaas"

Dalton is in a slightly jealous phase right now. If we acknowledge Colton in ANY WAY, Dalton starts doing whatever Cole was doing. Since we were acknowledging Colton's announcements "HAAAAS HAAAAS HAAAS", Dalton started announcing all the horses. Then he got bored with this, so he started announcing random stuff. "FENCE"---"House"---"GRASS GRASS GRASS" and so on. He ended up bored with this game too and started saying REALLY random words such as "HEDGEHOG".

Yeah, we don't have hedgehogs in our area.

So far our circus sounds like this...
Dalton--"Tree tree tree"
Dalton -- "Hedgehog"


Now if you add Jamie into the mix, it was really crazy. Jamie was actually telling us stories. I'm so glad that she knows she can talk to us. She tells us random things that go on and doesn't feel like she can't tell us the stupid stuff she does. So while Cole is announcing all the "haaaas's" that we're passing and Dalton is competing for attention, Jamie tells us about when she superglued her lips together. Oh wait, I should tell you HOW she said it.

"Dad, did I ever tell you about the first time I superglued my lips together?"

Yep, she said FIRST time.

That backseat was definitely the world's smallest 3 ring circus yesterday!

EDIT: We went to get more hay yesterday...and the 2 ring circus (Jamie wasn't with us this time) ensued again.

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