Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Gift (July 2010)

Ok, so I went to read something my cousin Shannan wrote as a guest blogger onEmily's blog, and decided to read some of Emily's writing. If you have time, you should definitely read Shannan's post about craggy farmers, aprons, overalls, and gardens. She writes beautifully and I'm so glad that God decided that the extended Sissom family needed her (she's married to my dad's cousin's son...but she's still family).

ANYWHOO, I was poking around on Emily's blog when I saw that she posed this question:

Who is a gift to you?

I had many people pop into my head...

Dalton --hello, all children are a gift from God...
Colton --yes, he's a gift, but I also think he's God's little "Payback" in a walking-talking package
My parents --I know raising me wasn't always easy, but I never EVER doubted theirlove...and how much of a gift is that? Immeasurable!
Lisa -- good friends are one of the best gifts and she's definitely the BEST!

But I think the person who is the biggest gift to me is my husband. Larry and I should have met years before we did. We worked at the same place (K-mart...ick). Near as we can figure, we worked there less than a week apart. We knew a few of the same people. His dad knows some of the people who were like 2nd parents to me in high school. We grew up 10 miles apart, but it could have been 1000 miles.

When we met, he told me 3 days later, "I think we're going to be together for a very long time." We're going on 10 years of a relationship now. It's the longest either of us have been with another person. He's not jealous, but he knows I am. He treats me well when I need it and ignores me when I need it.

He has come to know that sometimes when I'm crying there is truly no reason. Or if there is a reason, I can't put it to words. He supports me regardless what I want and truly "WANTS ME" to have more time away from the house.

He loves me like no one else ever has and that means the world to me. I know I can gripe at him and he isn't going anywhere. He is truly the best gift I have been given.

I love you honey!

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