Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dalton's Birthday AGAIN (July 2010)

Dalton turned 5 yesterday. He chose that for his birthday he wanted the following:

1. A trip to Chuck E. Cheese (This was chosen over putt-putt and bowling)
2. Spaghetti for dinner at Ganny and Pappy's house (my parents)
3. Cupcakes with pieces of Pop-tarts inside with ice cream scoops on the side: the Pop-Tarts were for scooping the ice cream
4. A sleep-over at Ganny and Pappy's house

He got all 4 of those.

He was thrilled with his presents. And he got a nice assortment of presents. He doesn't know he will get more presents tonight, this time from Gramma Mel. And I am sure he will love those too!

At 5 Dalton is one of the most kind hearted, loving children I've ever met. He is also working on his sense of humor. A couple weeks ago he asked Larry, "Why did the buffalo cross the road?" (I'm sure that not the right animal, but I can't remember what he said) Larry said, "I don't know."

Dalton said, "Because it was the chicken's day off." HAHAHAHAHAHAHA - he laughed long and hard and even slapped his knee a bunch of times. "Wasn't that funny guys?"

Dalton is very big for his age and sometimes people get mad at him when he acts like he's 4. They tell him, "You are a big boy, you should act your age." I quickly tell them, "He IS acting his age. He is 4 years old."

Dalton loves his little brother and that feeling is very much reciprocated. They play together sometimes and watch TV together sometimes. Dalton loves to go into Cole's bedroom and play peek-a-boo while I try to finish getting ready in the morning.

Dalton is a wonderful boy and I'm so glad that God graced us with his spirit in our household!

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