Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Perfect House

Larry and I are NOT in a place where we are planning to move anytime soon. We are not financially ready for that, nor do we think our house would sell very fast (or for what we owe). Thank you, Economy, for that!

But Sunday we went to look at a house during an Open House. We've discovered what our basic ideal layout includes. There were things that we didn't care for, but it was nice to finally be able to say "WOW, this is a wonderful home."

Let's be honest, I'm normally the one who is picking things apart. I'd love to move into the ideal home without having to do any major remodeling.

This house would be that ideal home. If only we had about two hundred EXTRA thousands of dollars lying about.

Want to know Colton's favorite part of the house? The garage. None of the houses he's in have a connected garage. He had no clue what that big open space was for, but he knew he loved it.

Dalton's favorite part was probably just getting to poke about a house that isn't his.

Larry and I both liked, well, just about everything. Lots of land...TONS OF STORAGE...4 bedrooms...completed basement...TONS OF STORAGE.

Have you gotten to see YOUR perfect house?

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