Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Another Copy Over Post

Ok, apparently my other blog is still readable, I just can't write on it right now...and I'm fine with that. But I had to rescue this post from inevitable doom...

From February 2010: STEER CLEAR DEAR

Well, last night I got to mark some an event off my life list that I wasn't really interested in doing. I hit my first deer. Actually, as my friend Scott says, I'm an overachiever and I hit 2 deer.

We were driving home from Mom and Dad's house about 7:15pm and I didn't even see thedeer until I hit them. And I mean that literally. I did not see them coming across the road or in front of me until I hit them. The front of my van took a bit of damage from the first deer. He basically bounced off my hood.

The 2nd deer hit me in the front quarter panel. It's pretty squashed. And it makes my door squeak whenever I open it. I can assure you that I am not a fan of that sound!

Before I tell you Dalton's reactions, let me say that the boys and I are all fine. The van is drive able, although I don't recommend attacking deer in a minivan.

When we hit the deer, Dalton says, "Mommy, that was that?" He had loads of concern in his voice about what we just hit. When I told him he starts wailing, "What if that deer has a Mommy who is sad that you hurt him? What if THAT WAS THE MOMMY? Her kids are going to cry. I think that deer had a brother and you hurt him..." it went on and on and on. There is a reason we say that kid is going to be on Broadway one day -- he's got a dramatic streak wider than the Grand Canyon.

He investigated the front of my van when we got back to Mom and Dads (to check for damage). He didn't like that I scared the deer enough that he pooped on my van. Let me tell you that I didn't like the fact that the deer POOPED ON MY VAN. My dad (ever the comedian) says, "You scared the shit out of that deer. HAR HAR HAR." ahem.

Dalton also didn't like the fact that there were white hairs on my van that came from the deer. That means, "HIS TAIL WILL BE COLD." sigh

This morning we went by that spot to see if the deer were there and when I told him, "Look D, the deer aren't on the side of the road. That means they went to live back in the woods."

Dalton asked, "These woods or those woods?" Pointing at two sets of woods near the accident sight.

I picked one and he wailed, "BUT WHY NOT THOSE WOODS? THEY ARE NICER TO LIVE IN." Apparently the kid knows his woods and the poor deer are stuck living in the "ghetto" woods instead of the "mansion" woods. As I day, BROADWAY.

Maybe he'll win a Tony...he's got the streak.

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