Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dinner...with lots of extra L-O-V-E

Ok, so Dalton goes through phases where he wants to help me cook. He hasn't helped me in months.

Tonight I was expecting him to be crabby with me because I would not let him spend the night at Ganny and Pappy's house. He was just getting ready to "get his FIT on" when I said that he'd want to eat dinner with me since we were having spaghetti.

After that I was deemed the world's best Mom. I'm not above bribery, so I'm good with him thinking I'm the world's best Mom.

When we got home, I told him that he could play the computer while I made dinner. Nope, he informed me that he was helping me cook dinner.

"Look, I've already got my step-stool." Please keep in mind my 5 year old is almost to my shoulder and does not need the 6 inch step stool. AT. ALL.

This is about the time when Colton flipped his ever-loving lid. DALTON WAS ON HIS STEP STOOL. He proceeded to start pulling Dalton, pushing Dalton, yelling at Dalton, tattling in his baby talk...all over Dalton standing on the stool.

Dalton refused to give up the stool. "Mom, I had it first."

True story.

This problem was solved by getting a dining room chair for Colton.

So now I've got Dalton on my left helping stir the meat and Colton on my right doing....well, anything he wanted. He helped stir the pasta. He tried to dump my jewelry bowl I keep in the kitchen. He picked up every single thing on the counter. But he was with Mommy and D and he was happy.

When I make spaghetti, I measure the salt for the water in my hand. So Dalton needed to add something to a he added a pinch of sugar to the pasta sauce.

I look over at Cole about then and he has his hand out. He wanted to add something to dinner too. And so it went with everything...stirring, measuring, tasting...Mommy did it, Dalton did it, Cole better do it too.

It took me longer to make dinner tonight. That's for sure. But both boys declared dinner to be the BEST DINNER EVER. And I can't complain. It was made with 2 extra doses of love.

Somehow I don't think that chair will be coming out of the kitchen anytime soon though. Cole was excited to help cook tonight.

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