Friday, July 17, 2009


Has it already been a month since I posted? I need to get on the ball apparently.

In the last 4 weeks we've had tons of things happen.
  • Dalton turned 4. I want to know who allowed this to happen! He's supposed to still be my little guy and now he's my big one! *sigh* He had a rocking good birthday and then got to celebrate it again over the weekend with Daddy and GrammaMel.
  • Colton turned 8 weeks old. SHEESH, someone make them stop! 2 months already? Not possible. He's smiling at us more and more. Larry and I got to see his first HUGE smile. It was great. He's my little Mamma's boy. I can't say that I hate it. Especially when he buries his nose into my neck to smell me. It makes me melt!
  • I returned to work. Now I'm sleep-deprived AND earning an income. I have made it through my first week without any tears on my part. Dalton, on the other hand, is very confused about why he's spending so much time with Granny and Pappy. The first couple days he kept saying, "I'm going there again?" Now tomorrow he'll probably be wondering why we AREN'T going there!
  • Larry and I bought a camper. We're selling on that we have and replacing it with the newer one. Now I get to start loading it with supplies for our WY trip in August. Fun stuff! And being the good MommyLibrarian that I am, I have already started getting books for this trip -- for Dalton AND the adults.
  • I am starting a new blog (completely different than this one)...more details to come on that one. :)
  • I went to ALA in Chicago. For those of you who aren't superb with library acronyms, that's the American Library Association conference. Which means I came home with some decent swag. I am really enjoying one certain book...which I will review at another time. I got to meet Mo Willems also! WOOHOO! I love Knuffle much so, that I'm spending 2 weeks of storytime on his two Knuffle Bunny books.
Well, I think that updates us. I'm SURE I'm forgetting something...but I can't think of anything else right now. New pictures will be posted soon. If you are just dying for some NOW, find them on my Facebook page!

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