Friday, June 5, 2009

I love my kids

My goofy Dalton. He was hiding under the table during lunch and Daddy caught this picture. Luckily we get to see this smile a lot!
Ahhh, such a sweetie. He gets the hiccups a lot (he has them now). He is very hungry in the evening. He is already starting to follow movements with his eyes. He is 15 days old and I'm so in love with him, I wonder what made us wait so long to have baby #2.

I get to witness the sweetness of my 3 year old every day as he falls in love with his brother. Tonight, I put Cole in Dalton's bed to see what he would do when he climbed to the top bunk (AKA the Attic) and saw his brother.

His response was the biggest, sweetest smile and then he gently laid down in the bed next to Cole and held Cole's hand. He continued to hold Cole's hand until I tried to take Cole out of the bed because Dalton was already asleep.

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