Friday, May 1, 2009

Vacation Day 1

Well, I got to start the day off by sleeping til 8am. This was, of course, after being up 3 separate times to (in order) 1) pee...2 hours later Doc wanted 4am Dalton woke up scared. But from 4-8 I got to SLEEP! woohoo!

A friend of mine has started making "The Done List" each day. She starts with a to-do list, then changes it over to a DONE list at the end of the day. I thought I would do that the next couple days for a couple reasons. 1. My urge to nest with this pregnancy is amazing me. I seem to have this energy to work on the house that I never had with Dalton. 2. I took vacation to try and get more of the house in order for Colton's birth...and if I keep track of what I actually accomplished, it makes me want to do more. So as of 11am on Day 1, here is my list.
1. Slept in! YAY!
2. Cuddled with Dalton -- no matter what else is on my list, this always comes first...if Larry's involved too, it's even better.
3. Made breakfast -- Yum.
4. Looked at a catalog with Dalton -- he LOVES the Toys R Us flyers that come to the house.
5. Did a load of laundry -- which reminds me, I need to go fold that load
6. Vacuumed the game part of our front room
7. Cleaned off the game table. (friends will be over tomorrow night, and now I don't have to worry about it tomorrow)
8. Swept the kitchen.

Be back in another couple hours with another update. :) By the way Tiff, I'm soooo not going to clean my closets with my nesting issues...wanna come clean mine too? :)

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  1. My nesting is over... the house is a wreck. I will not be cleaning anything any time soon! Sorry! = )