Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A New Blog

OK family and friends, I've been inspired by Tiff to get my blog back in motion. Colton will be here in just 22 short days and I want to have some place (besides Facebook, which I am hopelessly addicted to) to update all our loved ones on the progress of our family!

We are getting very excited about having Colton as part of our family and not just as part of Mommy. Dalton's looking forward to having Mommy's lap back and having Mommy be able to do things with him again (like wrestle). Mommy is looking forward to fewer feet in her ribs and the knowledge that my feet will be a normal size again soon. For some reason it's only 1 foot that swells (my left) and it's always the same one. This morning my right shoe was too loose and my left shoe was too tight. Oh, Mommy is looking forward to her normal clothes too! My maternity wear is lovely (Thanks Mom and Dad) but I'm tired of the same outfits week after week. I think Larry is more apprehensive than excited, but I know he's looking forward to being able to hug me again without getting kicked by Colton. As for Jamie, I think she's just looking forward to holding a baby! She's a great big sis! We'll have to see how Dalton shares his big sis with Cole.

Soooooo, I am hoping that I can keep up with this blog better than my other. I'm on all of Google's services more than I ever was on Xanga, so it should prove a bit easier. Plus, I'll need a place to brag about my family!


  1. Beth the blog looks great! There is something thearaputic about just writting. I do it too, but it is for my eyes only. Keep it up! Oh yeah, sorry about the m/s my brain refuses to work correctly.

  2. Mom, your brain might not be working correctly because you were up at 3am. :)