Friday, May 15, 2009

The last 2 weeks...oh boy

So the last two weeks have been interesting. So far, May has not been a nice month for my family. It started with Larry not feeling had been about 3 weeks since he felt well. So he went to the doctor. I made Dalton an appointment because he hadn't been feeling well for a while and wanted to make sure that Dalton wasn't getting what Larry had.

The doctor was about } { close to putting Larry into the hospital because he was sooooo sick. Bronchitis and left ear infection. OH BOY!

The doctor checks Dalton and says, "Well, he has a left ear infection starting and has some rattle in his chest as well." Let's do antibiotics for both of them. OH BOY! $80 later, we had our cough syrups and antibiotics and everyone was home resting. (well, not Larry...he went back to work...*sigh*)

Fast forward 3 days and guess who went to the doctor to get checked for a "rattle" in her lungs. YUP, me. 3 for 3 we all seemed to share the same symptoms. Sign me up for antibiotics too. *sigh again*

That same afternoon (Saturday) Dalton vomits chocolate milk all over my van. OOOH BOY! Later that afternoon he starts with junk coming out the other end. Poor guy.

Monday I went to the doctor because Colton had been kicking so hard I was truly worried that he had made my water break. Doctor says, "Nope, you look perfect. Go home and rest." 2 hour nap ensues for Mama and Dalton (who is still sick with stomach flu).

Tuesday I woke up to a very sick Dalton who seemed to be showing signs of dehydration. This had me very scared and I kind of blew up at Larry over the phone. Dalton's doctor had me bring him in to see one of his partners who assured me that Dalton wasn't dehydrated, but put him on a medicine for vomiting.

Finally by Thursday, Dalton was able to eat something AND keep it in his stomach AND not have diarrhea.

Oh, and Wednesday I found out that he had shared his stomach bug with Mommy. *triple big sigh*

It's been a rough week this week at our house. We're all super glad that Dalton seems to be processing food in the right order again, Larry's home, Mommy's on Maternity Leave, and we all get to spend time together for the weekend. 6 days and Colton will get to join our circus of a household.

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  1. Ick! Sorry to hear that everyone's been ill. Hopefully, you'll all get it out of your systems before Colton arrives!