Saturday, June 30, 2012

Seven Reasons I Love Dalton

Today is my firstborn's 7th Birthday...Here are 7 reasons, in no particular order, that I love him.

Please read along as I write this post to Dalton...
1. You made me a Mom! I was so excited for you to be here and I hope that I've done an ok job for the last 7 years.
2. You know a gazillion million facts about Dinosaurs. It's your big passion right now. Sometimes you make my head spin with all the facts you have shoved into your head.
3. You have the best sense of humor. I know you say that you want to be a paleontologist when you grow up, but I can totally see you becoming a stand up comedian too.
4. You give the best cuddles and hugs.
5. I love how you look in your glasses. I truly do. So cute!
6. You love so fully and completely. Your heart is so big. I love watching you give people your love.
7. This one is the easiest to write out. You are COMPLETELY and TOTALLY the AWESOME-EST!

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