Monday, June 25, 2012

Camping with Friends

When I was in college, Karyn became one of my closest friends. The funny thing is, I don't have any memories of going OUT with Karyn. Movies, parties, etc...all my memories of Karyn involve being in the dorm, or at a family function with her (her family lived on the north side of our college town). But all memories of Karyn involve laughing and talking.

I had only seen Karyn about 3 times since I graduated from college. Last year (about this time) we reconnected on Facebook. Since then, we've seen each other 3 times. It's great. What's really great is that her family enjoys camping just like ours does. Karyn's husband works weird shifts, so we plan our activities around his schedule (ie, camping always involves Mike's weekends off...but our trip to the zoo didn't).

Well, in Northern Indiana right now, we are having a drought. And when we have a drought, there is a burn ban. No burning trash, no burning bonfires, no burning campfires. Yes, that said, NO BURNING CAMPFIRES.

How do you plan to go camping without a fire? Isn't that kind of against some law?

Well, we decided to go to a different campground than originally planned because this one had a pool. And when it's hot, there is no better happy place than a pool with 5 kids. Oh, wait, my daughter and her sister came that's 6.5 kids (Jamie is 18, but she's still a KID to me -- so I'll count her as half).

Anyways, we found out that we COULD have a fire. So Larry traveled back home and brought our fire ring and wood. He's a peach, that one.  

And we spent 3 days in the woods with one of my favorite people and her family and my family. We parked our campers so they faced one another and proceeded to cook, play games, send the kids to the playground with "Riley and Dalton, watch the younger ones".

Saturday morning Larry and Mike both managed to fall asleep after breakfast and since all the kids were at the playground, Karyn and I sat there and talked.  We also talked while we cooked (and oh did we eat well this weekend). We talked while we played cornhole. We talked until 1am that night.

Don't you love friends who you can NOT see for 8 years, and you just pick right back up again?

We are camping with them again in September. Hopefully at the campground we were hoping to go to this weekend. Oh, and we've already decided my family needs to go to Indy sometime soon because the Children's Museum has a HOTWHEELS exhibit right now. I can't wait. 

PS...I lost my bag that had my camera in it. I'm REALLY hoping to get that bag back. If I do, I'll post pictures from this weekend. 

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