Thursday, April 21, 2011


My Best Friend and I have all our children's birthdays within 4 months of one another. Boom-boom-boom-boom. It's busy but fun. Luckily, they will be home visiting for 2 weeks in June. And over those 2 weeks, Mason turns 5. Not at all sure how that is even possible, but it's true. And Mason has decided he wants an Angry Birds birthday this year. So I'm attempting to make him stuffed Angry Birds for his birthday present. I'm starting with trying to make him about 4 different designs (probably a couple of each so he can create a decent game).

Cole's birthday is next in our family. I decided today (and Larry's ok'd it) that we are having an Art Party for Colton's 2nd birthday. He loves to draw and color, so we're going to just lay out a bunch of art stuff and let him (and everyone else) go at it. Then the pictures that are drawn for Cole will get made into a book for him. Luckily, this is something Lisa and Tim can add to when they are visiting. :)

Then next up is Dalton's birthday 2 weeks after Mason's. Dalton wants to go see Transformers on his birthday (it comes out ON his birthday), then we'll probably have a party with family.

Last, but not least, is Rissy. She'll be 3 this year. And since she's the only niece, I have approximately 3000 ideas of things to make for her. Not sure what we'll actually do though. :)

Do you ever feel like Birthdays gang up on you? These 4 birthdays aren't even the only birthdays we have from May - can add in a myriad of aunts/uncles, Lisa, my Dad, my Mom, and Hunter (our only ACTUAL nephew). It's a busy time!

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  1. Can't wait to see you! And I know Mason will LOVE that gift!