Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cell Phone Manners

Please note...the following is what I consider to be etiquette for using your cell phone...

1. Do not call someone after 10pm unless:
a) you know the person is awake -- as in YOU ARE 100% positive
b) you are worried about the person in a true and caring way
c) you are NOT calling someone about business -- calling after 10pm about business is tacky
d) the person told you to call later than 10pm
e) you are bleeding or someone in their family has had an emergency.
f) you have just learned how to speak again after 15 years of silence

2. Do not call someone before 8am unless:
a-e) See all above reasons for calling after 10pm
f) you think it's a good idea to wake the entire household up -- and honestly, how many parents are happy when you wake their kids in the morning?

3. Do not TEXT someone after 10pm unless:
a) you have been carrying on a conversation with the person and it's just continuing after the witching hour.
b) you have a demanding reason for "hoping" they might possibly answer your late hour text
c) you have express written permission to text that person at any hour
d) you have HUGE NEWS. And by huge, I mean gargantuan (we learned that word in story time today...the kids loved that word). As in, "I know it's 11pm, but I just took a pregnancy test and after 3 years of trying...we're having a baby!" or "Hey, I passed the bar exam!" or something along those lines
e) you have suddenly turned from a hippo into a human and you are excited to have opposable thumbs. And seriously, how many of us could text that?

4. Do not text someone between the hours of midnight and 7am unless:
a) you are going to the hospital
b) you are going to jail -- and somehow magically retained the use of your phone
c) someone is dead/dying/bleeding
d) you just noticed that someone's car was being stolen...but perhaps a text isn't the best way to deliver THAT news

No matter what...please understand that it is never ok to text your friendly cell phone representative at 3am (because you are awake) to tell him that you might come see him at work today. Yes, I speak from experience here.

No matter is not cool to call someone at 10:15pm to say, "Hey, what time do you work tomorrow?"

If you know the person works 1st shift and follows those hours most of the time...these are the rules I think most people should follow.

OH, and if you are someone who was in our wedding...or someone our kids call Aunt/Uncle...or someone who is part of our are exempt from all these rules.

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