Friday, January 28, 2011

Cleaning 1/28 & 1/29

  • Loaded dishwasher.
  • Organized other dirty dishes so the kitchen looked cleaner -- do you ever do that? Please tell me that you do that too!
  • Went to the bathroom with the plan of cleaning 1 shelf in our closet...cleaned that 1 shelf, organized everything that went back on that shelf...then cleaned our shelf that hangs above our toilet (thinking Larry won't be able to find anything in the bathroom tomorrow). Came out of the bathroom with an entire grocery store sack of trash -- GAH! Tomorrow I need to wipe down that shelf, work on the other shelf (we only have 2 shelves in our closet that hold stuff other than towels), and do a general cleaning of the bathroom.
  • Did a load of laundry -- tomorrow is folding day. Ick.
Larry was equally busy tonight before I got home. He cleaned off (what we call) the game table and straightened up the living room. Trust me, with the two little tornadoes who live here, cleaning the living room is a J-O-B!

Tomorrow we're taking a load of stuff to the storage shed (our Christmas junk)...and I might start cutting out the present I'm thinking about making my 5 favorite long-distant friends for Valentine's Day.

I'll update tomorrow with everything that I get done before Game Night.

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  1. Yes, I do organize the dirty dishes as well. :)