Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Those 2 Boys Who Live Here

Dalton forgot his jacket in the van last night. So I sent him to school without a jacket thinking that the teachers would make him stay inside as a consequence for not having a coat. Nope. His music teacher said, "Anyone stupid enough not to bring a coat, deserves to be outside and cold."  This Mama is not happy about a TEACHER telling Dalton that he's stupid. NOT HAPPY AT ALL.

Dalton came home from school completely frozen. Mom made him hot chocolate and covered him with a blanket. We got him home and made soup for dinner and also gave him some meds. Because we gave D meds and vitamins, Cole needed meds and vitamins.

Just a few minutes ago, Cole was coughing really bad, so this time he really did need meds.

Tomorrow might be a long day.

(Cole also needed to have his nails cut because D had his nails cut. Monkey see, Monkey do)

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