Sunday, July 17, 2011

God is Hunting Him Down

I've felt like I needed to return to church for about the last 18 months. I've been hesitant though because...I just went back and erased all the reasons I had come up with. They were all just excuses and they were my excuses for being lazy about finding someplace to worship. Let's just leave it as, "I didn't return to church because it's hard." That's what it all boiled down to.

Larry started feeling the pull to GO to church (he's never been a regular church attendee). His manager at Sprint is studying to become a minister with his uncle's church. A co-worker transferred into their store so that he could attend seminary in Elkhart. (That co-worker is getting his Masters in Divinity and Theology, I think. Also, that co-worker is a hispanic Mennonite, which just seems odd to us). Anyways. Then a 3rd co-worker decided he has heard the Call to go to seminary. Tim will be studying to be a Youth and Family minister.

So now Larry is working at a place where 3/5 employees are going into the ministry. And they talk to him about it. And they talk to him about Him. And Larry starts talking about wanting to start at church. But he's not there yet.

So God sends M to see Larry. M is involved with missions trips (to Haiti specifically). And she starts talking to Larry about the things they see in Haiti and she starts talking about what Larry's strengths are and how he could help. Larry starts to see more of the Light and feel more of the pull that God has.

So in May, we started our journey to finding a family church. We have a list of requirements that isn't very long, but a couple points we're sticking with. (Funny, telling God what you want...but there it is)

At the first church we visited, the message was about being invited to church. Hmm...Larry's first message from God was that we are all invited. Fitting.

We went to another church and another church and at about the 4th church, we had the message that we don't need to have all the crap in our lives. The STUFF in our lives doesn't make our life better. The stuff just fills up our homes. Larry deals with this a lot. There are many GOOD reasons for that struggle, but it's still a message I'm SO glad he heard.

Today we went to a church where the main message was, "You don't have to do this alone. You don't have to walk this walk without help. I can help you. I am here for you. Tie yourself to me and let's be together." Such a wonderful message.

Afterwards Larry told some Masonic family of ours that he feels like God is hunting him down.

And I have to completely agree with that. And I'm thrilled that God loves our family enough to hunt Larry down and say, "HELLO! Come here and listen!"

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