Monday, December 27, 2010

Silhouette Giveaway

Have you ever heard of the Silhouette cutter? It is very similar to one that (I happen to own) that is named after a bug---and rhymes with "picket". Familylicious is giving away a Silhouette with a pretty sweet prize pack.

One of the ways I can enter to win this S_W_E_E_T machine is to blog about it. They want to know why I want a Silhouette. So here are my top 5 reasons...

1. With my "Rhymes with picket" machine, I cannot cut vinyl to be put onto shirts. Well, I can, but I cannot flip it backwards. So I can only cut out graphics...not words. And I really want to be able to design my own shirts. I have plans, ya'll.
2. NO MORE CARTRIDGES. *sigh* that fact.
3. It simply plugs into your computer and sits with your computer. Although this can be a minus for it to because my other machine is portable.
4. I am dying to do wall vinyl. Yes, I can do this with my machine, but I want to do it with THIS ONE.
5. *mini story time* husband LOVES to have the newest and best techy items. He wants the coolest phone and the best everything else. We have 4 gaming systems because we, apparently, cannot make a decision. Now, onto how this affects me. I like to have the coolest crafting items. I have no extra money to buy one of my own, so I'm doing my best to win one.

And those are my top 5 reasons for wanting this awesome machine.

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