Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Convertibles Are the New Roller Coasters

Saturday night I decided it was just too hot to cook in our kitchen. (We had forgotten to turn the AC on before we left that morning...oops) So we decided to go to Hacienda for dinner. Yummy Yummy.

Scott and Justin met us
too since they were plannin
g on coming over to play games later that night. When we were getting ready to leave and head to our house, Larry told Justin to give me a ride home.

See, Justin has a sweet silver convertible. A Mitsubishi Spider to be exact. Larry's been trying to get me to ride with Justin for a while. So while I was finishing changing Cole's diaper, Justin came up to me and asked if I wanted a ride.

Um, hello. It was 80 degrees out and gorgeous. Did I want a ride in a fancy dancy sports car? Um, yeah.

When Dalton saw Uncle Justin's car, he asked if he could ride home with Justin and Mommy. Justin said yes because he's a good uncle and all. So Larry told Scott to grab D's car seat. Dalton was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited about riding in the convertible, that he carried his own car seat over to Larry.

Larry got Dalton all situated while I got Cole into his spot in the truck. When I turned around to get in with Justin, this is what I saw.

This look is Pure Excitement.

He's already talking about when Uncle Justin will take him for another ride.

Gotta love Uncles.

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